Volume 14, Number 2

A Novel Spatio-Temporal Data Redundancy Elimination Approach for RFID Systems with Multiple Readers


Lucy Dash1, Sayan Sen Sarma2, Koushik Sinha3 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India, 2University of Calcutta, India, 3Southern Illinois University, USA


In this paper, we propose a Voronoi diagram based spatio-temporal data redundancy elimination approach for RFID systems having multiple readers so that every RFID tag will be read by only one reader depending on the distance between the tag and the center of the Minimum Enclosing Circle (MEC) of the Voronoi cell which the reader belongs to. Thus, the spatial redundancy in the gathered data is completely eliminated. Temporal redundancy is also minimized by reading the RFID tags at regular time intervals larger than an appropriately chosen threshold value. Existing methods of reducing data redundancy in RFID systems are often associated with loss of data, false positive errors and false negative errors. In contrast to this, our proposed technique is free from any false positive and false negative errors with no loss of data and every tag being read by only one single reader. Simulation of our proposed approach also establishes its superiority to the existing techniques in terms of these performance parameters.


RFID systems, spatial redundancy, temporal redundancy, redundancy elimination, multiple readers.