Volume 14, Number 2

RANSlicing: Towards Multi-Tenancy in 5G Radio Access Networks


Wardah Saleh and Shahrin Chowdhury, American International University, Bangladesh


A significant purpose of 5G networks is allowing sharing resources among different network tenants such as service providers and Mobile Virtual network Operators. Numerous domains are taken in account regarding resource sharing containing different infrastructure (storage, compute and networking), Radio Access Network (RAN) and Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. RAN and spectrum, transport. Spectrum sharing and RAN are anticipated as the fundamental part in multi-tenant 5G network. Nevertheless, there is a shortage of evaluation platforms to determine the number of benefits that can be acquired from multilevel spectrum sharing rather than single-level spectrum sharing. The work presented in this paper intend to address this issue by presenting a modified SimuLTE model is used for evaluating active RAN based on multi-tenant 5G networks. The result shows an understanding into the actual advantages of RAN slicing for multi-tenants in 5G networks.


RAN, 5G Network, RAN slicing, Multi-tenancy, Spectrum, Radio Resource.