Volume 14, Number 3

Investigating Wireless and Internet of Things Technologies Security Threats and Attacks


Mathieu K. Kourouma, Ratana P. Warren, Deidra S. Atkins-Ball, Lynette Jackson, Nigel Gwee, Sudhir K. Trivedi, and Tania Breaux, Southern University and A&M College, USA


Wireless and mobile devices are part of our lives. Wireless technology encompasses Internet of Things (IoT). Some key features of these devices are sensors, connectivity, and artificial intelligence and they can be found in health clinics, homes, buildings, vehicles, cities, wearables, etc. However, wireless and IoT technologies are sources of a variety of security threats to privacy and data and are becoming targets for attackers or hackers. In this paper, the authors strive to answer to the following research questions: 1) What types of threats can wireless and IoT technologies pose? 2) What type of threats can be exploited for attack and how? 3) What techniques are used to mitigate the threats and attacks? 4) What can wireless and IoT users do to protect their privacy and data? As a result, we investigate different types of security threats and attacks, and common security countermeasures used in wireless and IoT.


Wireless, IoT, IoE, Security, Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspots, Cellular, Satellite, Networking.