Volume 14, Number 3

The Dynamics of the Ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) and Trailblazing Data Mining (DM)


Bongs Lainjo, Cybermatic International, Canada


The research study intends to understand the thematic dynamics of the internet of things (IoT), thereby aiming to address the general objective i.e. “To explore and streamline the IoT thematic dynamics with a focus on cross-cutting data mining, and IoT apps evidence-based publication trends”. To meet this objective, secondary research has been compiled as part of the analytic process. It was found from the research that IoT continues to evolve with significant degrees of proliferation. Complementary and trailblazing data mining (DM) with more access to cloud computing platforms has catalyzed accelerating the achievement of planned technological innovations. The outcome has been myriads of apps currently used in different thematic landscapes. Based on available data on app searches by users, and between 2016 and 2019, themes like sports, supply chain, and agriculture maintained positive trends over the four years. The emerging Internet of Nano-Things was found to be beneficial in many sectors. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) were also found to be emerging with more accurate and effective results in gathering information along with processing data and communication technologies.

In summary, available data indicate that IoT is happening and has a significant implication on data mining. All indications suggest that it will continue to grow and increasingly affect how we interact with “things”. A backdrop of concerns exists ranging from developing standard protocols to protecting individual privacy.


IoT, Data Mining (DM), Trail Blaze, Ubiquitous, Evolution.