Volume 14, Number 3

State-of-the-Art Strategies and Research Challenges in Wireless Communication
for Building Smart Systems


Mitrabinda Khuntia1, Satya Ranjan Das1, Koushik Sinha2 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India 2Southern Illinois University, USA


The upcoming 6G communication network will revolutionize the scenario of customer services and related applications by building smart, autonomous systems. We first discuss here about 6G enabled smart applications like healthcare, smart city building, industrial IoTs, etc. We next provide a brief survey of the enabling technologies for achieving the required goals of 6G, such as terahertz communication, cell-free communication, holographic communication using beamforming, wireless power transfer, ultra-low latency communication, etc., with a view to tackle very large amounts of data traffic from several billions of smart interconnected devices while supporting ultra-low end-to-end communication latency. Finally, we present various research challenges involved in 6G communication towards building such smart systems.


Smart Systems, Low-latency Communication, 6G Networks.