Volume 14, Number 6

Geocast Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey


Ritesh Yaduwanshi, Reena Kasana and Sushil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


Geocast routing is considered to be advantageous in VANETs, as most of the safety applications are location-based and are relevant to a particular geographical area rather than individual vehicles. Hence, the geocast routing approach where data packets are delivered to a specific geographic area or zone of relevance has become an important research area among researchers and academicians. This article surveys the existing geocast routing protocols for the vehicular environment and compares them qualitatively based on various parameters. The pros and cons of each routing protocol are discussed. Certain directions for future research related to geocast routing protocols are also presented.


Vehicularad-hoc networks, Geocastrouting protocols, Inter-vehicular communication, Intelligent transportation systems, V2V and V2I communication.