Volume 15, Number 3

Design of Fractal-Based Tri-Band Microstrip Bandpass Filter for ISM,WLAN and Wimax Applications


Nagham Radhi and Mohammed Fadhil, University of Technology, Iraq


The Peano fractal geometries exhibit a notable ability to space filling due to their distinctive characteristics. In this study, we introduce a Peano-based first-generation flat microstrip multi-band bandpass filter. The filter is presented as a possible solution for ISM, WLAN, and WiMAX applications thanks to its design with symmetric three coupled lines and asymmetric two coupled lines. The first version of the Peano fractal curve was used to design a bandpass filter with a satisfactory response at 2.44, 3.79, and 5.75 GHz. A substrate with a relative dielectric constant of 3.48 and a thickness of 0.762 mm was used to create the filter. The filter architectures' simulated performances were assessed using the CST STUDIO SUITE-based method of moments (MoM). The results show that the proposed filter architecture has good return loss and transmission properties, in addition to its reduced size and inexpensive cost.


Microstrip Band Pass Filters (BPFs), SIR resonator,WLAN ,ISM and WiMAX applications, tri-band filter, CST Microwave Studio., Compact ASLR fractal BPF filter.