Volume 11, Number 1

Enhanced System for Computer-aided Detection of MRI Brain Tumors


Umar Alqasmi, Ammar Alzuhair and Abduallah Bama'bad, King Abul-Aziz University, KSA


The brain images are indicating what condition the brain has. The objective of this research is to design a software that will automatically classifies the brain images to their associated disorders. In order to achieve the objective of this research, a database for training and testing the software of brain images must to be found. In this research we have 105 number of images in data set. In order to differentiate between the classes of those brain images, features had to be extracted from the images. Then, images will be classified into two classes normal and abnormal by using SVM and KNN classifier. The features that were extracted were used in the classification process. The classifiers performed really well, whereas the SVM classifier performed better since its accuracy is 100% on testing set. In the end, the software was successful in separating the two classes


Computer-Aided Detecting, MRI, Brain Tumor, MATLAB