Volume 11, Number 1

Advanced Single Image Resolution Upsurging Using A Generative Adversarial Network


Md. Moshiur Rahman1, Samrat Kumar Dey2 and Kabid Hassan Shibly2, 1Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh and 2Dhaka International University, Bangladesh


The resolution of an image is a very important criterion for evaluating the quality of the image. Higher resolution of image is always preferable as images of lower resolution are unsuitable due to fuzzy quality. Higher resolution of image is important for various fields such as medical imaging; astronomy works and so on as images of lower resolution becomes unclear and indistinct when their sizes are enlarged. In recent times, various research works are performed to generate higher resolution of an image from its lower resolution. In this paper, we have proposed a technique of generating higher resolution images form lower resolution using Residual in Residual Dense Block network architecture with a deep network. We have also compared our method with other methods to prove that our method provides better visual quality images.


Super Resolution, Generative Adversarial Network, Deep Neural Network, Low Resolution Image, Image Processing