Volume 11, Number 2

Strange Behaviors and Root Cause in the Compression of Previously Compressed Videos


Chiman Kwan and Jude Larkin, Applied Research, LLC, USA


In video compression class projects, students may observe some strange behaviors when using video codecs. Some performance metrics from a mediocre codec such as motion JPEG-2000 (or simply JPEG2000) may have exceptionally high values at certain compression ratios as compared to other high performing codecs. This strange behaviors may be overlooked by instructors and students may never understand why this is happening. In this paper, we will first highlight the strange behaviors. We will then use experiments to systematically determine the root cause. Our experiments show that, if one uses a previously compressed and decompressed video in some compression experiments, then it is highly likely that some strange behaviors will show up. Some advice will be provided to instructors, tutors, and students on how one can prevent such behaviors from occurring.


Video codecs, motion JPEG-2000, X264, X265, Daala