Volume 11, Number 4

Demosaicing of Real Low Lighting Images using CFA 3.0


Chiman Kwan, Jude Larkin and Bence Budavari, Applied Research, LLC, USA


In CFA 2.0, there are white pixels in a color filter array (CFA) that has proven to help the demosaicing performance for images collected in low light conditions. Here, we evaluate the performance of demosaicing for images collected in low light conditions using an RGBW pattern with 75% white pixels. We term this CFA the CFA 3.0. Using a data set containing 10 images collected in low light conditions, we performed extensive experiments. Both objective and subjective evaluations were used in our experiments.


Debayering, demosaicing, color filter array (CFA), RGBW pattern, Bayer pattern, CFA 1.0, CFA2.0, CFA3.0, pansharpening; deep learning.