Volume 12, Number 4

Modelling, Conception and Simulation of a Digital Watermarking System based on Hyperbolic Geometry


Coulibaly Cheick Yacouba Rachid and Tiendrebeogo B. Telesphore, Nazi Boni University, Burkina Faso


The digital revolution has increased the production and exchange of high-value documents between institutions, businesses and the general public. In order to secure these exchanges, it is essential to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and ownership of these documents. Digital watermarking is a possible solution to this challenge as it has already been used for copyright protection, source tracking and video authentication. It also provides integrity protection, which is useful for many types of documents (official documents, medical images). In this paper, we propose a new watermarking solution applicable to images and based on the hyperbolic geometry. Our new solution is based on existing work in the field of digital watermarking.


Digital watermarking, Harris point of interest, Poincaré disk, hyper-catadioptric projection, stereographic projection.