Volume 12, Number 5

Mixed Spectra for Stable Signals from Discrete Observations


Rachid Sabre, University of Burgundy, France


This paper concerns the continuous-time stable alpha symmetric processes which are inivitable in the modeling of certain signals with indefinitely increasing variance. Particularly the case where the spectral measurement is mixed: sum of a continuous measurement and a discrete measurement. Our goal is to estimate the spectral density of the continuous part by observing the signal in a discrete way. For that, we propose a method which consists in sampling the signal at periodic instants. We use Jackson's polynomial kernel to build a periodogram which we then smooth by two spectral windows taking into account the width of the interval where the spectral density is non-zero. Thus, we bypass the phenomenon of aliasing often encountered in the case of estimation from discrete observations of a continuous time process.


Spectral density, stable processes, periodogram, smoothing estimate, aliasing.