Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 01, January 2021

Mitigating Phishing Attack in Organisations: A Literature Review


Wosah Peace Nmachi and Thomas Win, School of Computing & Engineering University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


Email is a channel of communication which is increasingly used by individuals and organisations for exchange of information. It is considered to be a confidential medium of communication but this is no longer the case as attackers send malicious emails to users to deceive them into disclosing their private personal information such as username, password, and bank card details, etc. In search of a solution to combat phishing cybercrime attacks, different approaches have been developed. However, the traditional exiting solutions have been limited in assisting email users to identify phishing emails from legitimate ones. This paper reveals the different email and website phishing solutions in phishing attack detection. It first provides a literature analysis of different existing phishing mitigation approaches. It then provides a discussion on the limitations of the techniques, before concluding with an exploration into how phishing detection can be improved.


Cyber-security, Phishing Email Attack, Deep Learning, Stylometric Analysis.