Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 01, January 2021

Glyfn: A Glyph-Aware Fusion Network for Distributed Chinese Event Detection


Qi Zhai, Zhigang Kan, Linhui Feng, Linbo Qiao and Feng Liu, National University of Defense Technology, China


Recently, Chinese event detection has attracted more and more attention. As a special kind of hieroglyphics, Chinese glyphs are semantically useful but still unexplored in this task. In this paper, we propose a novel Glyph-Aware Fusion Network, named GlyFN. It introduces the glyphs' information into the pre-trained language model representation. To obtain a better representation, we design a Vector Linear Fusion mechanism to fuse them. Specifically, it first utilizes a max-pooling to capture salient information. Then, we use the linear operation of vectors to retain unique information. Moreover, for large-scale unstructured text, we distribute the data into different clusters parallelly. Finally, we conduct extensive experiments on ACE2005 and large-scale data. Experimental results show that GlyFN obtains increases of 7.48(10.18%) and 6.17(8.7%) in the F1-score for trigger identification and classification over the state-of-the-art methods, respectively. Furthermore, the event detection task for large-scale unstructured text can be efficiently accomplished through distribution.


Distributed Chinese Event Detection, Fusion Network, Glyph.