Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 17, October 2021

Global Research Decentralized Autonomous Organization (GR-DAO): A DAO of Global Researchers


Kelly L. Page1 and Adel Elmessiry2, 1LWYL Studio, USA, 2AlphaFin, USA


The latest trend in Blockchain formation is to utilize decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) in many verticals. To date, little attention has been given to address the global research domain due to the difficulty in creating a comprehensive framework that can marry the cutting edge of academic grade scientific research with a decentralized governance body of researchers. A global research decentralized autonomous organization (GR-DAO) would have a profound impact on the research community academically, commercially, and the public good.

In this paper, we propose the GR-DAO as a global community of researchers committed to collectively creating knowledge and sharing it with the world. Scientific research is the means for knowledge creation and learning.

The GR-DAO provides the guidance, community and technological solutions for the evolution of a global research infrastructure and environment. Through its design, the GR-DAO embraces, enhances and extends the model of research, research on decentralization and DAO as a model for decentralised and autonomous organizing. This design, in turn, improves most of the uses for and applications of research for the greater good of society.

The paper examines the core motivation, purpose and design of the GR-DAO, its strategy to embrace, enhance and extend the research ecosystem, and the GR-DAO design uses across the DAO ecosystem. . .


Scientific Research, Researcher, Research, Knowledge, Learning, Cocreated Knowledge, Applied Research, Decentralized Autonomous, Organization, DAO, Research Model, Research Activity, Blockchain, Emerging Technology, Incentive Design, Reputation Staking, Distributed Ledger Technology, Decentralized Infrastructure.