Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 19, November 2021

Development of Administration Professional Competences in Brazilian
Public Universities: A Multicase Study in Florianópolis


Ednaldo de Souza Vilela1, Filipe José Dias2 and Marcos B. L. Dalmau2, 1Municipal University Center of São José, Brasil, 2Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brasil


The article aims to investigate how the development of competences applied to the professional formation of the egress administrator of public municipal higher education institutions in the Florianópolis region occurs under perspective of teachers and coordinators of the bachelor's degree in administration course. For this, a qualitative and documentary research was carried out, using a structured questionnaire applied to 20 people as a data collection instrument, including 2 course coordinators and 18 professors from the studied institutions who teach the subjects whose contents are related to professional formation from the administrator. The results show that the new national curriculum guidelines encourage the development of competences. In this context, despite the effort to comply with such devices, there is some misalignment between the teaching plans and the pedagogical project of the course. Difficulties in implementing formation based on competence and lack of institutional stimuli are also perceived.


Development of competences, Higher Education, Formation, Administration Course.