Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 19, November 2021

An Improved Framework for C-V2X Systems with Data Integration and Identity-based Authentication


Rui Huang, Lianyungang Jierui Electronics Co., Ltd., China


Current trends of autonomous driving apply the hybrid use of on-vehicle and roadside smart devices to perform collaborative data sensing and computing, so as to achieve a comprehensive and stable decision making. The integrated system is usually named as C-V2X. However, several challenges have significantly hindered the development and adoption of such systems. For example, the difficulty of accessing multiple data protocols of multiple devices at the bottom layer, and the centralized deployment of computing arithmetic power. Therefore, this work proposes a novel framework for the design of C-V2X systems. First, a highly aggregated architecture is designed with fully integration with multiple traffic data resources. Then a multilevel information fusion model is designed based on multi-sensors in vehicle-road coordination. The model can fit different detection environments, detection mechanisms, and time frames. Finally, a lightweight and efficient identity-based authentication method is given. The method can realize bidirectional authentication between end devices and edge gateways.


Network Protocols, Wireless Network, Mobile Network, Virus, Worms & Trojon.