Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 19, November 2021

Design of SRAM-based 8T-Cell for Memory Alias Table


Saleh Abdel-Hafeez1, 2, Sanabel Otoom1 and Muhannad Quwaider1, 1Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, 2Sabbatical at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia


Memory Alias Table exploits a major role in Register Renaming Unit (RRU) for maintaining the translation between logical registers to physical registers for the given instruction(s). This work presents the design of the memory Alias Table based on the 8TCell with multiport write, read, and content-addressable operation for 2-WAY three operands machine cycle. Results show that four read ports operate simultaneously within a half-cycle, while two-write ports operate simultaneously within the other half-cycle. The operation of content-addressable with two parallel ports is managed during the half-cycle of the read phase; thus, the three operations occur within a single cycle without latency. HSPICE simulations conduct 32-rows x 6-bit with 21T-Cell memory Alias Table that has 4- read ports, 2-write ports, and 2-content-addressable ports using a standard 65 nm/1V CMOS process. Simulations reveal that the proposed design operates within a one-cycle of 1 GHz consuming an average power of 0.87 mW


Content-Addressable,8T-Cell SRAM, 2-WAY Instructions Cycle, Memory Alias Table, Register Renaming Unit.