Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 19, November 2021

The Future of Online Learning using Artificial Intelligence


Yew Kee Wong, HuangHuai University, China


Online learning is the emerging technique in education and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Traditional learning is a complex process as learning patterns, approach, skills and performance varies from person to person. Adaptive online learning focuses on understanding the learner’s performance, skills and adapts to it. The use of advanced technology also provides a means to analyse the behavioural learning pattern. As it provides the detailed skill mapping and performance which enables the learner to understand the areas needs to be improved. The information can also be used by assessors to improve the teaching approach. Advanced online learning system using artificial intelligence is an emerging concept in the coming years. In this new concept, the classes are not taken face-to-face in a classroom but through an electronic medium as a substitute. These virtual learning approach are gaining importance every day and very soon they are going to be an integral part of our world. Taking up these virtual learning through an electronic medium is termed as online learning. We proposed two new models which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) tools. A number of examples of using these new models are presented.


Analysis Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Integrated Model, Online Learning, Progressive Response Learning.