Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 22, December 2021

Research on the Model of Interaction and Coupling Relationship between Standard
System Construction and Process Management


Wang Chaofan1 and Chen Xinyue2, 1North China Electric Power University, China, 2Qingdao University, China


The fundamental motivation for enterprises to build a standard system is to meet the subjective needs of the unique use nature of standards, such as benchmarking and criteria, from input to output in the baseline relationship of all their business processes. How to guess the credibility and value of the standard system requires collaborative and mature processes to mediate cognition. Firstly, this paper clarifies the philosophical relationship between standard system construction and process management by using the general system structure theory. Secondly, it systematically summarizes the interaction mechanism between the two from the perspective of methodology. Finally, it designs a conceptual model with the "human regulation" composite system as the core and the coupling between standard system construction and the outer edge of process management, and combed the three mechanism characteristics that affect the fit of the coupling model. In order to provide a new integration idea for enterprise standardization management and process management to jointly realize the optimal value utility.


Standardization Discipline, Construction of Standard system, Process Management, Coupling Model.