Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 03, March 2021

Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis and Prediction Based on VMD-CWT and MobileNet


Jing Zhu, Aidong Deng, Shuo Xue, Xue Ding and Shun Zhang, Southeast University, China


When deep learning is used for rolling bearing fault diagnosis, there are problems of high model complexity, time-consuming, and large memory. In order to solve this problem. This paper presents an intelligent diagnosis method of rolling bearings based on VMD-CWT feature extraction and MobileNet, VMD is used to extract the signal features, and then wavelet transform is used to extract the timefrequency features. After the image is enhanced, the MobileNet network is trained. In order to accelerate the convergence speed, this paper adds transfer learning in the network training process, and migrates the weights of the first several layers pretrained to the corresponding network. Experimental results based on bearing fault data sets show that after adopting VMD-CWT, the accuracy of mobilenet increased from 68.7% to 94%, and its network parameters were reduced by an order of magnitude compared with CNN.


Mobilenet, Variational modal decomposition, Continuous wavelet transform, Rolling bearing.