Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 04, March 2021

Towards Adversarial Genetic Text Generation


Deniz Kavi, The Koç School, Turkey


Text generation is the task of generating natural language, and producing outputs similar to or better than human texts. Due to deep learning’s recent success in the field of natural language processing, computer generated text has come closer to becoming indistinguishable to human writing. Genetic Algorithms have not been as popular in the field of text generation. We propose a genetic algorithm combined with text classification and clustering models which automatically grade the texts generated by the genetic algorithm. The genetic algorithm is given poorly generated texts from a Markov chain, these texts are then graded by a text classifier and a text clustering model. We then apply crossover to pairs of texts, with emphasis on those that received higher grades. Changes to the grading system and further improvements to the genetic algorithm are to be the focus of future research.