Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 07, May 2021

Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Prevalent Gene Biomarkers
for Effective Cancer Treatment by Detecting its PH


Sahil Sudhakar Patil1, Darshit Shetty2, Vaibhav S. Pawar*3,*4, 1Hof University of Applied Science, Germany, 2Mumbai University, India, 3Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering & Technology (ADCET), India, 4PhD (Structures, IIT Bombay), India


Patterns discovered from based on collected molecular profiles of patient tumour samples, and also clinical metadata, could be used to provide personalized cancer treatment to patients with similar molecular subtypes. Computational algorithms for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics that can recognize specific functions and aid in classifiers based on a plethora of publicly accessible cancer research outcomes are needed. Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, has a great deal of potential for problem solving in cryptic cancer datasets, as per a literature study. We focus on the new state of machine learning applications in cancer research in this study, illustrating trends and analysing major accomplishments, roadblocks, and challenges along the way to clinic implementation. In the context of noninvasive treating cancer using diet-based and natural biomarkers, we propose a novel machine learning algorithm.


Biomarkers, Machine learning, Statistical Models, sequencing, pH sensing.