Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 01, January 2022

Research on Throughput Maximization of Wireless Powered Communication Network
based on a Retro Directive Matrix


Bo Li1, 2 and Hong Tang1, 2, 1Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, 2Chongqing Key Laboratory of Mobile Communications Technology, China


Aiming at the problem of limited system throughput caused by double near-far effect in wireless power communication network. In this paper, a retro directive matrix method based on phase conjugation is proposed. In the method, energy base stations and information base stations are depolyed separately, energy base station uses large-scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system, when system running point equipment firstly to send a beacon signal to energy base station, the energy base station amplifies its conjugate to form a directional beam to achieve multi-input and multi-output energy gains, thus improving the throughput of information transmission of node devices. Through the optimizated and allocated the time of beacon signal, the time of energy transmission, the time of information transmission and some power parameters, a convex optimization problem is proposed. And it has been solved by Lagrange generalized multiplier method and golden section method. Simulation results show that the proposed method has better performance than others projects.


Wireless Powered Communication Network, Matrix Retrodirective Array, Energy Transmision, Information Transmision, System Throughput.