Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 10, June 2022

Enhancing Networking Cipher Algorithms with Natural Language


John E. Ortega, New York University, USA


This work provides a survey of several networking cipher algorithms and proposes a method for integrating natural language processing (NLP) as a protective agent for them. Two main proposals are covered for the use of NLP in networking. First, NLP is considered as the weakest link in a networking encryption model; and, second, as a hefty deterrent when combined as an extra layer over what could be considered a strong type of encryption -- the stream cipher. This paper summarizes how languages can be integrated into symmetric encryption as a way to assist in the encryption of vulnerable streams that may be found under attack due to the natural frequency distribution of letters or words in a local language stream.


Networking, Natural Language Processing, Security, Stream Ciphers.