Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 12, July 2022

Crypto your Belongings by Two Pin Authentication using Ant Algorithm based Technique


Janaki Raman Palaniappan, Brunswick Corporation, USA


Everyone realize data is one of the important strategic for any company to run and win the business. Let it be a mobile apps, websites and so on, there are more chances that our personal data like images, videos, texts get expose while we share across for different purposes. Even though the company says app, website forms are encrypted, the said company itself uses the data internally for their business development. This research presents how one can secure own’s data themselves before sending. There are many cryptography methods that has evolved from time to time. Upon researching and analyzing, I present a unique method to encrypt and decrypt the data, using combination of techniques such as Cryptographic technique, ANT Algorithm based formula and logic gates that would provide stronger protection to the data. Secure your images, videos with a 2-pin authentication and protection to encrypt and decrypt the data. A user must provide 2 different symmetric pins to encrypt and decrypt, where first pin shall be up to 4-digit secret pin and a second pin is a single digit pin. Single digit pin acts on how many stages the encryption takes place. The proposed method had been experimented on several images and videos. This study reveals, A combination of secret keys, ANT algorithm and Logic gates makes difficult for anyone to hack the data. This unique methodology helps us to protect our data more safely at source device itself.


Visual Cryptography, Ant Algorithm, Logic Gates Technique.