Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 12, July 2022

Cryptographic Algorithms Identification based on Deep Learning


Ruiqi Xia1, Manman Li2 and Shaozhen Chen2, 1Information Engineering University, China, 2Kexue Avenue, China


The identification of cryptographic algorithms is the premise of cryptanalysis which can help recover the keys effectively. This paper focuses on the construction of cryptographic identification classifiers based on residual neural network and feature engineering. We select 6 algorithms including block ciphers and public keys ciphers for experiments. The results show that the accuracy is generally over 90% for each algorithm. Our work has successfully combined deep learning with cryptanalysis, which is also very meaningful for the development of modern cryptography and pattern recognition.


Deep learning, Cryptography, Feature engineering, Residual neural network, Ciphers identification.