Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 12, July 2022

A Data-Driven Mobile Community Application for Book Recommendation
and Personalization using AI and Machine Learning


Lulu Zha, USA


Knowing a movie or a book fits your flavor without finishing the whole film or the book? Although there are many ways to find a summary of a film or a book, having an app that generates needed information according to the genre will make things much more manageable. This paper develops a mobile app named Book and Movie Search that uses API or the online database to generalize data such as authors, plots, overview, and more with a few clicks. The results show that within seconds, a list of information will show according to movies and books, and a qualified way to find information using the Book And Movie Search app. For example, if one decided to buy a book named Flipped and did not have time to finish the whole book, he can enter the name on the app. It will generate a book summary that quickly gives him more information about it and help him decide whether he wishes to make the purchase.


technology, movie, book, search engine.