Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 12, July 2022

A Summary of Covid-19 Datasets


Syed Raza Bashir1, Shaina Raza2, Vidhi Thakkar3 and Usman Naseem4, 1Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada, 2University of Toronto, Canada, 3University of Victoria, Canada, 4Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce, Australia


This research presents a review of main datasets that are developed for COVID-19 research. We hope this collection will continue to bring together members of the computing community, biomedical experts, and policymakers in the pursuit of effective COVID-19 treatments and management policies. Many organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), John Hopkins, National Institute of Health (NIH), COVID-19 open science table and such, in the world, have made numerous datasets available to the public. However, these datasets originate from a variety of different sources and initiatives. The purpose of this research is to summarize the open COVID-19 datasets to make them more accessible to the research community for health systems design and analysis. We also discuss the numerous resources introduced to support text mining applications throughout the COVID-19 literature; more precisely, we discuss the corpora, modelling resources, systems, and shared tasks introduced for COVID-19.


COVID-19, Text Mining, Public health, Risk, Public Health, COVID-19 Data, Data Science.