Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 12, July 2022

ChatForSenior: An Intelligent ChatBot Communication System for Depression Relief using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing


Hanwen Mai1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


In recent years, loneliness has appeared in lives for both young and old individuals. As cases of the COVID-19 virus are going up people have dealt more with loneliness and depression especially the seniors [5]. Some have even changed their whole lifestyle because they feel empty and isolated. Others will either try to isolate themselves more or use dangerous ways to quickly get rid of the feeling.To solve this major problem, I have created a digital online communication app which young individuals can have long chats with seniors who are alone and lonely. My application uses real time communication systems which can directly be sent to other users without any issues [6]. Our main goal is to have users have their own way of communicating, using familiar designs of applications we all have used before. By using new features we have created a more user-friendly based user experience which can be experienced throughout our application. Using immersive layouts of applications designs, advanced network connections, visual and data based analytic we are able to solve this major problem.


NLP, Mobile Dev, AI.