Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 13, July 2022

Expert Systems Generating Machine for Image Processing Applications


Maan Ammar1, Khuzama Ammar2, Kinan Mansour3 and Waad Ammar4, 1Al Andalus University for medical sciences, Syria, 2Damascus University Hospital, Syria, 3Al Andalus University Hospital, Syria, 4Zain Al Abedeen Hospital, Iraq


We introduce in this paper what can be considered a new trend in expert systems field. It is generating different expert systems using the same software platform developed for this purpose, and called “Expert Systems Generating Machine for Image Processing Applications ESGMIPA”. The machine is used to generate different expert systems in completely different application fields which indicates the feasibility of the proposal. Using what we called Domain Expert Guided Heuristic Search (DEGHS) and the machine, we generated an expert system that succeeded in cases where no algorithmic approach can be applied. Generating different expert systems using the same machine depends on the well-known fact that the function of an expert system is determined mainly by its knowledge base. The machine developed expedite very much the development of the expert system to reach best performance. The role of domain expert and the positive effect of the interaction between different domain experts in different fields is highlighted.


Expert systems generating machine, expert guided heuristic search, handwriting extraction, bacteria type automatic detection, bacteria colony image.