Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 13, July 2022

Mass Surveillance, Behavioural Control, And Psychological Coercion
the Moral Ethical Risks in Commercial Devices


Yang Pachankis, Universal Life Church, USA


The research observed, in parallel and comparatively, a surveillance state’s use of communication & cyber networks with satellite applications for power political & realpolitik purposes, in contrast to the outer space security & legit scientific purpose driven cybernetics. The research adopted a psychoanalytic & psychosocial method of observation in the organizational behaviors of the surveillance state, and a theoretical physics, astrochemical, & cosmological feedback method in the contrast group of cybernetics. Military sociology and multilateral movements were adopted in the diagnostic studies & research on cybersecurity, and cross-channeling in communications were detected during the research. The paper addresses several key points of technicalities in security & privacy breach, from personal devices to ontological networks and satellite applications - notably telecommunication service providers & carriers with differentiated spectrum. The paper discusses key moral ethical risks posed in the mal-adaptations in commercial devices that can corrupt democracy in subtle ways but in a mass scale. The research adopted an analytical linguistics approach with linguistic history in unjailing from the artificial intelligence empowered pancomputationalism approach of the heterogenous dictatorial semantic network, and the astronomical & cosmological research in information theory implies that noncomputable processes are the only defense strategy for the new technology-driven pancomputationalism developments.`


Cybersecurity, Risk Prevention, Psychosocial Cybernetics, Cyber Surveillance, Time & Entropy, Human Trafficking, Defense on Outer Space, Defense Strategy, Decision Theory, Sexism in LGBTQIA+ Rights, Satellite Information Paradigm.