Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 13, July 2022

An Overview of Phishing Victimization: Human Factors, Training and the Role of Emotions


Mousa Jari, Newcastle University, UK & King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


Phishing is a form of cybercrime and a threat that allows criminals (‘phishers’) to deceive endusers in order to steal their confidential and sensitive information. Attackers usually attempt to manipulate the psychology and emotions of victims. The increasing threat of phishing has made its study worthwhile and much research has been conducted into the issue. This paper explores the emotional factors that have been reported in previous studies to be significant in phishing victimization. In addition, we compare what security organizations and researchers have highlighted in terms of phishing types and categories as well as training in tackling the problem, in a literature review which takes into account all major credible and published sources.


Phishing, emotion, information, victimization, training.