Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 13, July 2022

AI in Telemedicine: An Appraisal on Deep Learning-based Approaches to Virtual Diagnostic Solutions (VDS)


Ozioma Collins Oguine and Kanyifeechukwu Jane Oguine, University of Abuja, Nigeria


Advancements in Telemedicine as an approach to healthcare delivery have heralded a new dawn in modern Medicine. Its fast-paced development in our contemporary society is credence to the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology. This paper carries out a descriptive study to broadly explore AI's implementations in healthcare delivery with a more holistic view of the usability of various Telemedical Innovations in enhancing Virtual Diagnostic Solutions (VDS). This research further explores notable developments in Deep Learning model optimizations for Virtual Diagnostic Solutions. A further research review on the prospects of Virtual Diagnostic Solutions (VDS) and foreseeable challenges was also highlighted. Conclusively, this research gives a general overview of Artificial Intelligence in Telemedicine with a central focus on Deep Learning-based approaches to Virtual Diagnostic Solutions.


Biomedical imaging, Telemedicine, Smart Healthcare, Medical Imaging, AI, Virtual Diagnostic Solutions.