Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 15, September 2022

Fast Rank Optimization Scheme by the Estimation of Vehicular Speed and Phase Difference in MU-MIMO


Shin-Hwan Kim, Kyung-Yup Kim, Sang-Wook Kim and Jae-Hyung Koo, Korea Telecom, Korea


Resent MU-MIMO (Multi User-Multi Input Multi Output) scheme is one of the important and advanced technologies. In particular, it is a suitable technique to increase the capacity from the point of view of solving cell load, which is one of the big issues in the contents of 5G commercial field optimization. While this MU-MIMO technology has an important advantage of cell capacity expansion, there is a disadvantage like an interference problem due to each multiuser beams. It is important to use the advanced beamforming technology for MU-MIMO to overcome these disadvantages. Therefore, by applying the interference cancelling technology among inter UE (User Equipment) beams to improve each UE’s performance, it will contribute to improving the cell throughput. This paper introduces the various techniques of eliminating interference in MU-MIMO system. Also, it is important that UE reports rank indicator reflected the interference of multi-user beams. This paper analyses the problem of the conventional method of the rank decision in MU-MIMO system, estimates the vehicular speed quickly with the proposed rank optimization technique, and shows the DL (Downlink) UE’s performance is improved by applying a proposed rank value suitable for vehicular speed. This technique will be effectively applied to increase the overall cell capacity by improving the DL UE’s throughput in the MU-MIMO system.


MU-MIMO, 5G, multi-user, interference, UE, DL, rank indicator, cell capacity.