Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 02, January 2022

Research on Dual Channel News Headline Classification Based on ERNIE Pre-training Model


Junjie Li and Hui Cao, Northwest Minzu University Lanzhou, China


The classification of news headlines is an important direction in the field of NLP, and its data has the characteristics of compactness, uniqueness and various forms. Aiming at the problem that the traditional neural network model cannot adequately capture the underlying feature information of the data and cannot jointly extract key global features and deep local features, a dual-channel network model DC-EBAD based on the ERNIE pre-training model is proposed. Use ERNIE to extract the lexical, semantic and contextual feature information at the bottom of the text, generate dynamic word vector representations fused with context, and then use the BiLSTM-AT network channel to secondary extract the global features of the data and use the attention mechanism to give key parts higher The weight of the DPCNN channel is used to overcome the long-distance text dependence problem and obtain deep local features. The local and global feature vectors are spliced, and finally passed to the fully connected layer, and the final classification result is output through Softmax. The experimental results show that the proposed model improves the accuracy, precision and F1-score of news headline classification compared with the traditional neural network model and the single-channel model under the same conditions. It can be seen that it can perform well in the multi-classification application of news headline text under large data volume.


Text Classification, ERNIE, Dual-Channel, BiLSTM, Attention, DPCNN.