Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 20, November 2022

Enterprise Model Library for Business-it-Alignment


Peter Hillmann, Diana Schnell, Harald Hagel and Andreas Karcher, Universit├Ąt der Bundeswehr, Germany


The knowledge of the world is passed on through libraries. Accordingly, domain expertise and experiences should also be transferred within an enterprise by a knowledge base. Therefore, models are an established medium to describe good practices for complex systems, processes, and interconnections. However, there is no structured and detailed approach for a design of an enterprise model library. The objective of this work is the reference architecture of a repository for models with function of reuse. It includes the design of the data structure for filing, the processes for administration and possibilities for usage. Our approach enables consistent mapping of requirements into models via meta-data attributes. Furthermore, the adaptation of reference architectures in specific use cases as well as a reconciliation of interrelationships is enabled. A case study with industry demonstrates the practical benefits of reusing work already done. It provides an organization with systematic access to specifications, standards and guidelines. Thus, further development is accelerated and supported in a structured manner, while complexity remains controllable. The presented approach enriches various enterprise architecture frameworks. It provides benefits for development based on models.


Enterprise Architecture, Model Library, Business-IT-Alignment, Reference Architecture, Enterprise Repository for reusable Models.