Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 05, March 2022

State Drift and Gait Plan in Feedback Linearization Control of a Tilt Vehicle


Zhe Shen and Takeshi Tsuchiya, The University of Tokyo, Japan


To stabilize a conventional quadrotor, simplified equivalent vehicles (e.g., autonomous car) are developed to test the designed controller. Based on that, various controllers based on feedback linearization have been developed. With the recently developed concept of tilt-rotor, there lacks the simplified/equivalent model, however. Indeed, the tilt structure is relatively unusual in vehicles. In this research, we put forward a unique fictional vehicle with tilt structure, which is to help evaluate the property of the tilt-structure-aimed controllers. One phenomenon (state drift) in controlling an over-actuated tilt structure by feedback linearization is presented subsequently. State drift can be easily neglected and is not paid attention to in the current researches in tilt-rotor controllers’ design so far. We report this phenomenon and provide a potential approach to avoid this behavior.


Feedback Linearization, State Drift, Over-actuated System, Gait Plan, Stability.