Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 05, March 2022

Piano4Play: An Automated Piano Transcription and Keyboard Visualization System
using AI and Deep Learning Techniques


Jinge Liu1 and Shuyu Wang2, 1USA, 2University of Minnesota, USA


Piano keyboard visualization was very popular right now, but there are very few virtual piano keyboard visualizations right now [1]. I was using unity to show the virtual piano keyboard and then they can play piano pieces by themselves or play a recording online [2]. After that you can listen and see how the recording pieces play it on the visual keyboard to give them a clear idea about how the songs played on a keyboard2 [3]. For those who played by themselves it can let them heard and know also when the visual piano play for them, they can tell if they have offbeat playing or they missing not.

Piano4Play is an automated piano transcription and keyboard visualization system using AI and deep learning techniques. The user could upload a recorded piece of music, and our app would visualize the music on a digital piano keyboard. The user could see how the music is played visually in order to help piano beginners to see how the music will be played on piano in order to help them learn more quickly and easier, and advanced players could use the app to see whether they made any mistake when they are playing so they can get some improvement. Our app uses wav and MIDI files, repl, real-time database, google Collab and Unity.


Feedback Linearization, State Drift, Over-actuated System, Gait Plan, Stability.