Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 05, March 2022

WebReview: An Intelligent Classification Platform to Automate the Evaluation and Ranking of Website Quality and Usability using Artificial Intelligence and Web Scraping Techniques


Darren Xu1, Dexter Xu1 and Ang Li2, 1USA, 2California State University, USA


Paywalls are a staple of the internet and seen in a vast amount of websites [1]. Encountering a paywall is always annoying, whether you’re doing work for school or just trying to catch up on the latest news [2]. To eliminate this annoyance we have created Wall Breaker, a google extension with the primary task of bypassing any paywall using a variety of methods [3]. Our extension uses methods such as opening the website in an incognito tab or acting as a new user when clicking on a link. Although not the first of its kind, our extension is truly unique in the methods and techniques used. The popup used is easy to use and simple to look at, providing the best user experience. Wall Breaker will work on most websites, both popular and lesser known ones. It makes no distinction between certain types of websites and the methods can be used on any page. While Wall Breaker might not work on every website those are few and far between.


Web Scraping techniques, Google, paywall.