Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 06, March 2022

Virtualised Ecosystem to Envisage Numerous Applications on an Automotive Microcontroller


Meghashyam Ashwathnarayan, Vaishnavi J, Ananth Kamath and Jayakrishna Guddeti, Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd, India


In automotive electronics, new technologies are getting integrated into basic framework creating ways for new software-defined architectures. Virtualization is one of most discussed technologies which will offer a functionality growth into architecture of automobile. This paper introduces concept of validating test cases from multiple IPs on virtualised framework and also investigate the feasibility of implementing protection mechanism on memory segment dedicated for a virtual machine (VM). We describe a proof-of-concept which can be used to promote the use of virtualisation to extend the coverage of post silicon validation. Experimental results are presented as a quantitative evaluation of using virtualization for different testcase scenarios.


Virtualisation, Automotive, Multi-Core Systems, Hypervisor, Post Silicon Validation.