Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 14, November 2019

Automation Regression Suite Creation for Health Care Solution


Anjali Rawat and Shahid Ali, AGI Institute, New Zealand


Regression testing is very important for dynamic verification. It helps to simulate a suite of test cases periodically and after major changes in the design or its environment, in order to check that no new bugs were introduced. Evidences regarding benefit of implementing automation testing which includes saves of time and cost as it can re-run test scripts again and again and hence is much quicker than manual testing, providing more confidence in the quality of the product and increasing the ability to meet schedules and significantly reducing the effort that automation requires from testers are provided on the basis of survey of 115 software professionals. In addition to this, automated regression suite has an ability to explore the whole software every day without requiring much of manual effort. Also, bug identification is easier after the incorrect changes have been made. Occupational Health Management Solution (OHMS) is going through continuous development and requires testing again and again to check if new feature implementation has affected the existing functionality. In addition to this, The Company is facing issue in validation of the OHMS installation at client site since it requires availability of testers to check the critical functionality of the software manually. Company wants to create an automated regression suite for OHMS which can be executed at client site for checking the functionality of the software. In addition to this, this suite will also help the testing team to validate if the new features which have been added to the existing software are affecting the existing system or not. Visual studio, Selenium Webdriver, Visual SVN and Trello are the tools which have been used to achieve the creation of automation regression suite. The current research will provide guidelines to the future researchers on how to create an automated regression suite for any web application using open source tools.


Automation testing, Regression testing, Visual Studio, C#, Selenium Webdriver, Agile- Scrum