Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 16, December 2019

Data Model for Bigdeepexaminator


Janusz Bobulski and Mariusz Kubanek, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland


Big Data is a term used for such data sets, which at the same time are characterized by high volume, diversity, real-time stream inflow, variability, complexity, as well as require the use of innovative technologies, tools and methods in order to extracting new and useful knowledge from them. Big Data is a new challenge and information possibilities. The effective acquisition and processing of data will play a key role in the global and local economy as well as social policy and large corporations. The article is a continuation of research and development works on the design of the data analysis system using artificial intelligence, in which we present a data model for this system.


Big data, intelligent systems, data processing, multi-data processing.