Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 17, December 2019

A Systematic Evaluation of Manet Routing Protocols over UDP and TCP in Multi-hop Wireless Network


Adebayo Seyi1 and Ogunseyi Taiwo2, 1China University of Mining and Technology, China and 2Communication University of China, China


There are genuine concerns for the right transport connection to be deployed on a particular routing protocol in order to have a reliable, fast and robust communication in spite of the size and the dynamics of the mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) topology. This paper comparatively studies the individual implementation of reactive and proactive protocols on both UDP and TCP transport connection using packet delivery ratio (PDR), throughput, end to end delay and delay variation (jitter) as quality of service (QoS) metrics.

We studied the combination of both the transport connection and routing protocol that will deliver the best QoS in simple and complex network scenarios with source and destination nodes fixed and the intermediate nodes randomly moving throughout the simulation time. More so, the intrinsic characteristics of the routing protocols regarding the QoS metrics and transport connection are studied. Forty simulations were run for simple and complex multi-hop network models and the results were analyzed and presented.


MANET, Proactive, Reactive, QoS, UDP, TCP