Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 18, December 2019

Fuzzy-controlled Genetic Algorithm for Fault Detection in Distributed Systems


Krishna Prasad, SRM University, India


This work investigates the Fuzzy-Genetic approach for fault detection in distribution systems with having at most (N-1)/2 faulty systems out of N systems tested. This study also reviews different types of faults occurring in the distributed system and fault detection techniques. A fault can occur due to many reasons like link or resource failures or other and is to be detected and provisioned for working of the system smoothly and accurately. These faults need be detected and recovered by suitable techniques according to the requirement. An efficient fault detector can avoid loss due to system crash by triggering the required fault tolerance mechanism. This work provides how a fuzzy-controlled genetic algorithm can be applied to detect faults in Distributed Systems


Fault Detection, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy mutation, Distributed System