Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 18, December 2019

Technical Analysis of Selenium and Cypress as Functional Automation Framework for Modern Web Application Testing


Fatini Mobaraya and Shahid Ali, AGI Institute, New Zealand


Automation testing has become increasingly needed due to the nature of the current software development project which comprises of complex application with shorter development time. Most of the companies in the industry have used Selenium extensively as functional automation tool to verify their web application’s functionalities are working as expected. However, the limitation in Selenium with wait Time has significantly affect its test execution and efficiency. Thus, this research project experimenting a new automation tool in the market, Cypress, to overcome the said limitation in Selenium. This research further compares the test execution results in Selenium and Cypress to observe each tool’s effectiveness in writing and executing the automation test script. The study results will be helpful towards determining a better tool in automating dynamic modern web application and providing an insight into Cypress as the future of automation testing tool.


Automation Testing, Regression Test Suite, Selenium, Cypress, JavaScript Automation Framework