Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 18, December 2019

Measuring CMCCON02 Color Inconstancy Index: use of Consumer Digital Camera as a Substitute for Reflectance Spectrophotometer


Mahdi Safi1,2, Tayebe Soleymanian2,1, Keivan Ansari1, 3 and yannick benezeth3, 1Institute for Color Science and Technology, Iran, 2Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran and 3Université de Bourgogne, France


Today, many attempts have been made to use the digital color cameras for color measurement applications. The gold of this work is a comparison between the measure of CMCCON02 color inconstancy index obtained by the spectrophotometric data and the data from a characterized digital color camera. According to the results, the square of correlation coefficient of 0.8 was obtained between the color inconstancy indices acquired of the spectrophotometric data and the camera RGB data. The attained differences between two methods could be decreased by improving camera characterization process. Besides, it is observed the spectral power distribution of the applied illuminant lead to the important effects on the results of colorimetric characterization of the camera.


Color inconstancy index, CMCCON02, Digital camera, Spectrophotometer, Characterization, White balance.