Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 2, February 2019

The Effect of Visualizing Role of Variable in Object Oriented Programming Understanding


Mabroukah Amarif and Sakeenah Ahmed, Sebha University, Libya


The role of any variable is interpreted as the required task or performance of it in any part of a program. This role contributes to the easy understanding of the program and thus formulates it clearly and unambiguously. Many novice programmers face various difficulties in understanding programming, especially Object Oriented Programming. This research adopts the design of a visualization tool which includes visual model that shows the role of the reference variable (an object) within a Java program to enhance comprehension understanding for novice programmers. The model enables them to interact and thus formulate an objectoriented program in an intuitive and clear way. Based on the actual experimentation, the effectiveness of this model is improved and the importance of this research in the field of object programming is demonstrated.


Role of variable, object oriented programming, visualization, understanding