Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 2, February 2019

The Implicit Path Cost Optimization In Dijkstra Algorithm Using Hash Map Data Structure


Mabroukah Amarif and Ibtusam Alashoury, Sebha University, Libya


The shortest path between two points is one of the greatest challenges facing the researchers nowadays. There are many algorithms and mechanisms that are designed and still all according to the certain approach and adopted structural. The most famous and widely used algorithm is Dijkstra algorithm, which is characterized by finding the shortest path between two points through graph data structure. It’s obvious to find the implicit path from the solution path; but the searching time varies according to the type of data structure used to store the solution path. This paper improves the development of Dijkstra algorithm using linked hash map data structure for storing the produced solution shortest path, and then investigates the subsequent implicit paths within this data structure. The result show that the searching time through the given data structure is much better than restart the algorithm again to search for the same path


Dijkstra algorithm, data structure, linked hash map, time complexity, implicit path, graph